Second Hand Kids’ Clothes – Where to Buy and Sell Them

Regular American families spend a lot of money on kids’ clothes, not to mention the time and energy that shopping needs. Naturally there is another way as well to do things, and the good thing about it is that you can save a lot.

Ask others

Although you might think that it sounds silly, you should ask the other families you know whether they have something that they would like to pass along. You may be surprised of how many things you could get. The only important thing is not to be shy about this matter. There are numerous moms’ clubs that practice passing clothes, and usually people prefer to offer the clothes to other people that they know.

Second Hand Kids ClothesCharity

There are a lot of people who offer the clothes to a church, that later organizes a sale. The money that you give for the clothes goes to the organization, but the items are very cheap. Just remember that the good items get sold very quickly, so wake up early.

Thrift shops

These are a great source of cheap clothing. Although usually they have low prices, you might find special sales or discounts, which really make the clothes a bargain. In the same time you could be looking for some clothes for the other family members as well.


There are numerous websites that offer biddings for lots or bungles of clothes. In the end you will have the clothes for an entire season very cheap and you can expect the clothes to be of high quality.


In case you would like to sell the used children’s clothes, you should know about this online consignment shop. If you become a member, the company will send you boxes to pack the clothes in. These have to be sorted according to gender, season and size. Then someone will bid for your box online and you have to send the box directly to that parent. Make sure that the clothes you send are in good shape, without stains or tears.


This is the perfect place in case you are looking for good quality and branded clothes. If you would like to make the best of the clothes that you have, sell the pieces of a well-known brand individually and the rest in lots. Remember that you need to take good photos of the items that you are going to sell.


If you sell the clothes on this website, you won’t have any costs of shipping. Just as in the previous case, the good quality clothes sell the best, while the rest should be sold in a box. The pictures are also important and you can expect other users to want to negotiate.

Thrift shop

Just as in case of buying, you can also sell baby dresses that you don’t need anymore to a thrift shop. You get money for the items on the spot, and besides clothes you can also sell baby gear, toys, and other items that you don’t need.


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