Practical Tips for Buying Newborn Clothing

newborn clothingSpeaking about a newly unveiled line of baby clothing, this article speaks about what makes baby clothing practical, saving new parents some time, energy and money as well.

Here is what you should be looking for when you go clothes shopping for your newborn baby:

  • Look for clothes that look good of course, but which are also functional. While you may not want to compromise on style, understand that baby will be happier in non fussy clothes.
  • Look for convenient clothing features that will make frequent nappy changes easy, with minimum adjustments and the fewest items being removed – crotch buttons in a onesie is a must for instance, so that you don’t have to take the entire thing off.
  • Look for press studs as these are quick and easy to do up and undo as well. Zips can get stuck and buttons that need to be inserted in the proper button holes may not be as practical as press buttons.
  • Look for adjustable waistbands that grow along with baby – the sort that have an elastic that can be adjusted by using the appropriate button hole. This is cost efficient and keeps baby comfortable.
  • Look for soft, baby friendly fabric and clothes with few or no uncomfortable labels.


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