Organizing Your Baby’s Clothes for Sustainability

It is very important to take good care of your child’s clothes as they can cause skin problems if not maintained properly. In many cases washing causes deterioration of the fabric, but it is also possible that the place where clothes are stored is the sole cause of fabric deterioration. One must decide whether the clothes are going to be on hangers or are going to be neatly placed in a wardrobe chamber.

Organizing Your Baby’s Clothes


This arrangement can be made depending upon the types of clothes as well. Some parents prefer to have sets of hangers for daily clothes and some prefer to use wardrobe compartments to keep folded cloths. Below given are some of the ways you can keep your baby clothes organised.

1. Hanging Dividers for the Organized Partitions

These arrangements are made in case of the clothes that are going to be used for next one year. In that case you can divide clothes for first three months and tag them as 0-3 months then in another stack one can put clothes that are going to be used from 3-6 months and so on. This way one can make a plan for the organization of clothes for next one year.

This system of tagging is useful for the caretaker who does not know which clothes are in current use while you are not present. Another way of dividing the current set of clothes would be to use tags such as ‘Play cloths’, Party cloths’, ‘Daily cloths’ etc.

2. Drawer Organization

When you decide to stack your baby’s clothes in a drawer you may take a short cut of just folding them and keeping them in an array. But when you need night clothes every night and they are placed at the bottom of the stack, you will find yourself struggling to get one piece of cloth every night. Therefore, drawer dividers are available in the market and one can just place them in any drawer and get it compartmentalized.

These dividers can also be made at home with a thick and heavy cardboard and if you want it to be fancy you can use a wrapping paper to make it glamorous. But with this system you are always equipped to take out any cloth without touching the entire collection.

3. Segregate Smaller Clothes

 It is suggested to segregate the smaller clothes from the big ones. It is usually hard to find baby clothes such as socks and undergarments even if you have set the almirah or drawer well. It is always better to keep such pieces of clothes on a different shelf.


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