Tips and Options for Newborn Halloween Costumes

Newborn Halloween costumes are never really for the children; it is a chance for parents to dress their children up to look adorable for a party or just for in the house. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to the baby costumes but also some safety tips to look out for.

Safety Tips for Newborn Halloween Costumes

The first thing to note is that newborns will not have the motor skills to help move bits of costume out of the way. They will also not be able to make it clear that there is something wrong with the costume. This means that you need to stay away from a costume that will cover the face of your baby. This will cause a number of dangers, including suffocation.

Newborn-Halloween-costumesAvoid costumes that will not restrict the movements that your baby will want to make. This will cause your baby to become fussy and uncomfortable, so he or she will not want to wear the costume throughout the night.

Stay away from any costumes that involve some face paint. You have no idea whether your baby suffers from allergies and there are also risks that you will cause an infection. There are also chances that your baby will hate this and be comfortable for the whole night.

Definitely avoid the mouth and the eyes when it comes to face paint for newborn Halloween costumes.

You will also need to make sure that the costumes are completely flame resistant. This will usually be made clear on the label so take some time to check before you hire or buy. You should also look out for costumes that are made of artificial products, which can irritate the skin.

Pumpkin Halloween Costumes

A safe option is a pumpkin costume. This is something that is very easy to wear and is large, which means that it will be comfortable for your baby. Pumpkin newborn Halloween costumes have nothing that will cover the face and there is no face paint involved. This also looks adorable and will really help the family get into the mood for the season.

Fireman Halloween Costumes

This is another great idea that allows movement and will not have anything to cover the face. The fireman newborn Halloween costumes are often all-in-one suits, with poppers at the bottom, which make it possible to up pop and change diapers quickly and easily.

Police Halloween Costumes

This is another great idea and works extremely well if you have more than one newborn. There are three emergency services and they look great when twins or triplets are dressed as the individual ones. The police costumes are often all-in-one suits with poppers, to help with the changing of diapers.

There are a number of ideas when it comes to newborn Halloween costumes, including black cats. However, when it comes to choosing something, you should always check for the safety of the costume. No adorable look is worth risking your child’s life.


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