What to Include in Newborn Baby Clothing

When going out to purchase newborn baby clothing, new parents have no idea where to start from. You will perhaps take a few outfits from the hospital and if so, it is best to have both 000 and 0000 sizes as a start.

The amount of time which baby spends on each of the sizes depends on the frequency of their growth. However, if your baby is premature, it is best to go for 000 than 0000.

Newborn-Baby-ClothingTips for Newborn Baby Clothing

  • The Wondersuits are at times recommended by moms, although this does not mean that you have to purchase a pile of them. Big babies will quickly grow out of them.
  • It is best to go for the stretchies with their Lycra spandex because it simplifies dressing to a great extent.
  • Onesies and singlets are unique for babies, although it is often the case that they are seen riding on their backs. If the baby wears top and pants, it might get their backs cold. You may opt for singlet suits as they have the option of the crotch and you can easily address this problem. Getting a few large sizes of singlets also helps.
  • Babies do not like putting things over their heads. You can minimize this by purchasing the up on the front body suits in short as well as long sleeves.
  • Newborn baby clothing may include Bond socks that are unique for the feet of your baby and the best thing is that they stay on.
  • You may purchase a sleeping bag to help your little one sleep comfortably. Purchase the zip up ones, as opposed to the buttoned ones, to prevent the feet from getting caught when they kick around.

Newborns look cute in the tiny dressy outfits and there are many choices that you can make for practical and everyday use. Here are some examples:


This is a single piece short sleeved garment that can be pulled on the head and snaps around the baby’s legs. It is worn beneath other clothing. Dressier onesies can be worn like a shirt with the pants pulled on the bottom.


This is also a single piece newborn baby clothing with long legs and sleeves. Some have inbuilt booties which means they cover the foot entirely. There are different materials available for accommodating the warm and cold weather.

Baby Hats

The hats for infants are available in different designs including the knit cap from the hospital, baby bonnets and more. You can buy the hats at retail outlets to protect the baby’s head in hot or cold climates.

Shoes and Booties

Newborns can get their feet cold easily. The fuzzy booties or baby socks can be used to keep baby’s feet warm. Moreover, they help add a touch of cuteness to your outfit. The newborn’s shoes are soft and pliable, making room for maximum comfort and growth.


Hot climates do not require much outerwear other than a sweater or a jacket. Heavier jackets or apparels like buntings are however required in colder climates. A bunting is a single piece of newborn baby clothing which covers the infant completely.


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