New Born Baby Clothes – For How Long Will You Need Them?

It can be really tempting for expectant parents to buy lots and lots of new born baby clothes. Who after all can resist those tiny little onsies, the miniscule little socks, and the adorable itty bitty booties, so say nothing of the wee vests that say I love mommy! So really how long is baby going to be able to fit into their 0-3 month clothes so that you have an accurate idea of what to buy and how much of it?

There ensued an interesting discussion about newborn baby clothes and how long they would fit, on this forum. Points discussed were:

  • If your baby is going to born in summer, then there is really no point in getting warm jumpsuits and jackets and the like in newborn sizes. By the time winter comes about, baby will have outgrown them without ever having worn them. Similarly for a winter baby do not buy summer items in newborn sizes.
  • If your baby is born heavier than average babies, it is likely he or she may not fit into the smallest size of clothes at all; or for just a few weeks at best.
  • On the other hand if your baby is born prematurely, he or she will need the smallest size for newborns for several months.


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