Learning to Choose Designer Newborn Clothes

The truth regarding designer newborn clothes is that there are only few lucky babies that ever get to wear such items. In case you have the possibility to offer them to your child you should still take a good look at the items that you buy.

How to choose designer clothes for newborns?

When thinking about buying clothing for the little one the most important thing that you will have to keep in mind is the needs that he or she has. The clothing must be comfortable, durable and also safe for the little one to wear.

It is almost certain that the designer clothes for newborns are more suitable when it comes to skin allergies, diaper changes, practicality, comfort, safety and good looks.

Designer Newborn Clothes


This is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind when looking for designer newborn clothes. Regardless whether they have Swarovski crystals or not, it is more important for them to have wide legs, and also wide arms and head opening.

The most suitable kind of clothing isn’t too tight or small. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy designer clothes for newborns one size bigger just to be sure that it isn’t too tight.

When considering sleepwear, the best choice is to opt for the clothing that is flame-retardant and that has no string or buttons that could cause injury to the little one.

Another thing to consider when thinking about designer clothes for newborns, is for them to be loose enough to allow fast changing. Changing a diaper could be a lot easier in case there are crotch snaps. Also in order to save the baby from the stress of puling the clothing through his or her head, choose the button up versions.

One of the most popular designer newborn clothes is the onesie and usually these come with crotch snaps. You should keep in mind that the small decorations or the small buttons could be dangerous because the little one could choke on them.

If you like overalls, you should reconsider because these aren’t the most practical unless they come with crotch snaps.

The making

If you can afford designer clothes for newborns you should check out the fabric before you purchase. It should be comfortable, warm and as it has been mentioned before it is important for it to be flame-retardant and it shouldn’t have a negative effect on the sensitive skin of the little one.

There are some lines of designer newborn clothes that are made of organic fabrics. This means that they don’t have any chemicals or substances that could harm the baby. The advantage is that the fabric is light and it allows the skin to breathe not to mention that they are keeping the baby’s body at a constant temperature and are able to absorb the majority of the moisture.

Another fabric that a lot of designer newborn clothes have been made of is merino wool. This fabric has no artificial coloring or synthetic substances.


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