How to Wash the Baby Clothes?

When there is a baby in the house, you have to be extra careful about regular day to day activities. Washing baby cloth is such an exercise that needs special attention. Often you have stains to remove, but you have to be cautious so that you do not use harmful chemicals which can irritate your baby’s skin. It is also important that all the new born baby clothes are ready even before the baby comes home. Here are a few tips that can help you in doing the baby’s laundry in a correct manner.

how to wash the baby clothes

Doing the Baby Laundry

While doing the baby laundry task you should be careful about the cleaning agents and also the method. It should not have any toxic materials on it and also does not get rough and coarse. Here are some handy tips –

Washing Strategies

Before using all the baby clothes must be washed and dried properly. Remove all the tags that are there on the baby clothes and other such items, and wash them in lukewarm water using the softest and most delicate wash detergents, which are free of aroma and dye. Rinse them very well so that not even a bit of detergent is left in the clothes, as that could result in health hazards for your kid.

Dry Thoroughly

It is essential to dry the clothes properly; otherwise, your baby can catch cold. You can use the drier for this purpose, though it is always been believed, that clothes dried on a line in the sunshine is good for babies, since the sunshine also destroy germs.

Take Care of Stains

Stains in baby clothes are a common thing. For different stains, use different procedures. For example, if you have most common of the stains such as those of breast milk, feces, and other food stains, try to use an enzyme based product. For baby oil stains, the best thing will be to use a prewash stain remover, and then wash the cloth in as hot water as is permitted by the nature of the textile. For urine stain, use diluted ammonia in the area, and then use a product used for stain removal.

Special Attention to Cloth Diapers

If you are using cloth diapers, make sure they are washed and laundered separately than other clothes. Also, it is really important to wash the diapers every two to three days, and before washing soak them in water overnight but do not use detergents that contain dye or perfumes.

Be very careful, while washing the clothes that the baby will use, otherwise, it can lead to various problems, from common cold, to allergies and skin problems.


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