How To Select Your Baby’s First Clothes?

babys first clothesIt will be very exciting for everyone to plan a new baby. You will find lot of fun in selecting those tiny baby clothes, but sometimes there is a chance for you to get tempted and buy impractical items or more than actually required.

Usually babies grow quickly, so there is no need to buy large number of clothes of smaller sizes.

How to choose the basic layette for your baby?

New babies spend most of their time in sleeping. So, you need to buy simple clothes that keep your baby warm and comfortable. The basic layette for your baby include: sleepers, diapers, gowns, sweater, caps, booties, socks, bibs and under-shirts [Unique baby clothes].

Hooded bath towel, out door wear, daytime outfits and buntings are optional items.

Select best fabric, size and designed clothes:

Fabrics: Usually, infant clothes attract adults, but remember that comfort and appeal never go together. So, it is best to read the labels before buying the baby clothes. Babies have tender skin tone, so buy the clothes that are soft and light weight cotton fabrics.

Check the clothing labels to know the fiber content and the care the baby clothes need. It is best to buy cotton clothes, because they are absorbents and breathe so that the body moisture can evaporate.

Size: For up to one year or two year old babies, the sizes of the clothes vary in months. Also, the sizes vary from one brand to another brand. Some of the cloth labels indicate height and weight for the baby size.

Design: Your baby will get the comfort fit from the beautifully designed choices, but not from getting clothes of various sizes. Garments or sleepers with feet that you buy should have large space for your baby’s feet to wiggle and grow. Your baby should not feel uncomfortable with the fabrics, trim and designed features.

Other attractive features:

  • Choose the clothes that fall from the shoulders
  • Clothes should have easy to fasten neck and some other openings.
  • Baby clothes must have flat necklines and they should not have bulky collars.
  • Elastic that comes with the clothes on sleeves and cuffs should be loose fitting.
  • Clothes should have non-binding waistlines with pull-on pants or outfits
  • Clothes should comfortably fit your baby’s body; they should no be too loose or too tight.
  • Get a comfortable warm fitting sleepwear.

Selecting other clothes:

Undershirts: Possibly, baby needs to be dressed in an undershirt and with a diaper inside the sleepwear. Particularly, this is essential under cool environment or if your house is air-conditioned. You will find pull-on or wrap style undershirts and generally they come in cotton fabric. In hot weather, they are not necessary to wear.

Bibs and absorbent wipes: Constantly it is not necessary to wear a bib. At the time of nursing, the bib will protect your baby’s clothes from becoming wet at the neck and it lessens the number of changes needed. Absorbent towels are used over your baby’s shoulders when you burp your baby.

So, little care is required while you are selecting the baby’s first clothes. This information will definitely give you a good idea on choosing the clothes for your baby.


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