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Baby pajamas are highly adorable pairs of clothing with their amicable designs and tiny feet. They look so cute that often, the pajamas can be purchased on the basis of their appearance, instead of what seems perfect for your little one. If you want to choose the best infant pajamas, you should consider the material, size, color and the designs.

The pajamas may be highly adorable, but then make sure that they are comfortable for the infant. They should also be easy to care for and wash, having the appropriate size and easily put on or taken off.

Baby PajamasThe fit is an important determinant for the safety as well as comfort of the baby. The baby pajamas should have a snug fit, without being too tight, too big or too loose.

Usually, the pajamas for babies are used with a sizing scale which is based on the age of the baby – 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months and 6 to 9 months.

Although you can use the scale as a guideline for purchasing the pajama, it is immaterial to think that every baby of the same age will fit into a particular size.

The sizing method can be used for recommendation, but then the infant pajamas should always be purchased on the basis of their fit so that the exact size can be determined.

Things to consider before purchasing baby pajamas

Infant pajamas must be comfortable and soft, with the sleepwear having that added flexibility to allow free movement of the baby once they stretch. Terry cloth and cotton are some of the commonly used materials for kids’ pajamas as both can easily be laundered and sit softly on the chubby skin. You may choose from a variety of styles.

For instance, the sleep sacks are identical to a gown, but are closed in towards the bottom. These infant pajamas assist easy and comfortable sleep, and are easy to put on and take off.

The other popular choice among baby pajamas is the “sleep and play” pajamas which are single piece garments that kids can wear during the day and for the purpose of sleeping. Usually, the one piece pajamas are available with a zipper running from the neckline down to the feet, which makes it convenient to change the clothes or diapers quickly.

The two piece pajamas make for another option, comprising a separate top and bottom. The style is more in line with toddlers and older kids than infants. In certain infant pajamas, the top and pants are attached together with snaps which helps keep the child totally covered as they are asleep.

The baby pajamas which have attached feet make for a good choice and keep the feet of the baby warm. Hence, you can easily keep them comfortable without making them wear socks. Since babies tend to kick constantly, socks have this risk of falling off their feet.

Older kids tend to pull off the socks themselves. Infant pajamas are available for girls in a variety of colors including purple, green and pink. Their favorite designs comprise ballerinas, flowers, kittens and butterflies. Boys’ pajamas are available in red, brown and blue with trucks, sports and puppy designs.


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