Fashionable Newborn Clothes For Your Baby

Mothers love to dress up their babies even if they’re still little and have zero idea about what you dress them with. They always want to dress their babies in the trendiest newborn clothes they could find. Here are some of the most common newborn clothes you’ll find:


Onesies are those that are made of soft cloth that is worn from the head all the way to the legs of the baby. These kind of newborn clothes have buttons or sometimes Velcro that enables you to close it down to the baby’s legs or crotch just under their diapers.

Snap on

A snap on is usually made of cotton that is worn both hands first and snap it close over lapping each other on the chest part of the baby. It is normally tied with a small ribbon to keep it in place.

The advantage of using this kind of newborn clothes is that you can avoid unnecessary lifting of the baby’s head by trying to put a shirt from the head.


Sleepers are normally an overall dress that has long sleeves and legs. These newborn clothes are used to protect the baby from insect bites and to keep them warm during the night. This is similar to onesies only that the latter is worn with short sleeves and dress.


Baby booties helps keep the baby warm. For newborn, the kind of booties they should have is like those that are similar to socks. It should be made from soft fabric and should not be hard on the baby’s feet.


Shoes are made of stronger material. Babies that are more than 5 months can start wearing shoes that has leather covering, provided the insides are cushioned and can protect the baby’s small feet.


Hats and bonnets are important in preventing cold air in entering the baby’s body. This kind of newborn clothes helps protect the baby’s head from bumping the sides of their playpen and cribs.

Outer wear

Outer wear are those that are put on top of their onesies. These kinds of newborn clothes are used to protect the baby from cold weather or from the heat.

Newborn clothes are designed to give the most when it comes to baby’s comfort. All you need to do is to have a good idea of what you need to buy and what will benefit your child most.

Be very wise when buying, not all expensive newborn clothes are good for your baby, nor those that are cheap last long.

When choosing newborn clothes for your bundle of joy, always opt to buy those that are hypoallergenic and are gentle on your baby’s skin. The most common fabric used is cotton. This never runs out of style and it is the standard fabric in baby’s clothes.

In addition, make sure that the newborn clothes are not too big or too small. Further, you should consider the kind of climate you have.


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