Excellent Fantasy Costumes For Your Kids!

Do you want to see your baby in different attire? Did you ever think about fantasy dresses? Dressing up your baby in Halloween or fantasy costumes is very irresistible thing for you and possibly it will become most memorable event in you and also your kid’s life.

The most common fantasy dresses for little one could be probably fairies, pirates and also different animal costumes.

Luck Be a Ladybug Costume for Baby & Kids!

Your baby will be the luckiest little one on the block in this lovely lady bug costume.

A puffy stuffed belly and oversized puffed, layered wings with beautiful spots make this costume a darling pick for your little angel.

The special features included in this costume are a ruffle –trimmed bonnet, springy antennae, embroidery detailed on the tummy and enough tulle at the shoulder. Shoes and tights are not included along with the costume.

For more details, visit: http://www.babystyle.com/

Pumpkin Bumpkin Costume for Baby!

This chubby, super soft costume perfectly suits for little ones who are just learning to stand, sit or walk. The bright orange color body of the dress gives a festive look and a precious cap with pumpkin stem brings the complete look of the pumpkin.

This pumpkin dress is made with 100% polyester. Remember, the tights and shoes are not included with the dress.

For more details, visit: http://www.babystyle.com/


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