Baby Clothes: Eliminating Skin Irritations with thorough Washing

A newborn baby not only brings joy to a family but also additional considerations. Thoroughly washing a baby’s clothes is an essential task and will help to stop your baby’s skin becoming irritated by clothing chemicals.

Most parents will have an ample supply of baby clothes whether they’ve bought the clothes themselves or have been given them as gifts. The trouble with new clothes is that although they are clean they can irritate a baby’s skin. This is due to the chemicals added to materials during the manufacturing process including dyes.

Washing brand new clothes will help to eliminate the risk of skin irritations such as rashes and of course will help to keep clothes fresh and clean.

eliminating skin irritations with thorough washing

Check your Washing Machine Settings

A washing machine is an essential piece of time saving equipment when an additional family member appears.

Today’s machines offer a range of settings designed for all types of clothes and there are even machines available with baby-clothes settings. Hotpoint washing machines have added this feature to some of their products and the Baby Cycle setting will help to get rid of tough to remove food and dirt stains.

This setting is designed to keep baby clothes clean and looking good even after multiple washings.

Always Wash New Baby-Clothes

Baby clothes are just like any other type of garment and if adults can be irritated by clothing chemicals then so can a new born. Baby clothes may be new but they will still contain clothing chemicals including flame retardants and certain chemicals such as those designed to prevent mould appearing.

Babies are especially susceptible to these chemicals and new clothes should always be washed a few times before use. There are many detergents available specifically for baby clothes and liquid detergents are preferable as they are easier to rinse out of clothes than powders.

Choosing Non-Toxic Baby Clothes

If you are worried about the chemicals used in baby clothes then there are many non-toxic baby clothing lines available. Many clothing manufacturers produce baby clothes including organic clothing ranges.

This doesn’t apply just to baby clothes but also to blankets, pacifiers, baby hats, pillows and toys. You may have to pay a little extra for this type of clothing but this is worth considering if your baby is prone to skin irritations.

Avoid Additional Irritants

Many people swear that clothes can be cleaned more thoroughly by adding certain ingredients to washing detergent. This may have some basis in truth but when it comes to washing baby clothes it’s better to avoid any additional chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Cleaning agents such as bleach and vinegar should be avoided when washing baby clothes. If you do wish to use a fabric softener choose one designed specifically for baby clothes and use sparingly.

Taking a little extra care when washing your baby’s clothes shouldn’t involve too much extra work and can help to eliminate irritated skin that can be caused by clothing chemicals.

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