The Dos and Don’ts While Shopping for Baby Clothes

When a baby is about to enter your life or when a little infant is growing up, shopping for baby clothes becomes extremely important. But as important the need is, so is the procedure of buying the clothes for the toddler.

To avoid making some major mistakes while shopping for baby clothes, there are many dos and don’ts that one needs to keep in mind. These points can save you from over spending, buying wrong sized clothes and buying low quality products. Here’s a list:

the dos and don’ts while shopping for baby clothesDos

  • Buying baby skin friendly materials-when shopping for a little baby, it is extremely important to purchase only baby skin friendly materials. The skin of a baby is very sensitive and soft and no harsh materials should be bought. Choosing outfits made of 100% cotton is a wise choice.
  • Go beyond pink and blue-pink and blue are ideal for girls and boys respectively but only buying all pink or all blue clothes can be very boring and cliché. You must go beyond these shades and try to add fun colors to the baby’s wardrobes. Go for nice bright shades like reds, orange, yellows and greens as these are neutral shades.
  • Go for comfort-more than the visual appeal, comfortable clothing for babies is even more important. Buy clothes which seem more comfortable for the baby and helps him/her relax more than anything. Uncomfortable clothes can irritate babies and may make them cranky.


  • Avoid buying clothes for now-you must avoid purchasing clothes for the current physical size of the baby and should think a few months in advance. Babies grow at an alarming rate and clothes which fit them now might not fit them after a couple of weeks.
  • Avoid buying too many clothes at once-the more clothes you buy at once, the more is the chance that those clothes might go in waste if the size is not right. Moreover, babies wear most of their pair of clothes only for a few weeks before they outgrow them so to avoid wastage, shop smart and shop less.
  • Avoid getting accessories for each pair-you may love to buy matching shoes, matching socks, hairbands and mittens for every piece of clothing but this is nothing but sheer wastage. You can buy few neutral shades of these accessories to go with every color but buying separate pieces of everything is a big DON’T.


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