Designer Baby Shoes – Available Trends

Footwear for infants has made a long journey through the last few decades. Today, designer baby shoes make a statement and they are far from the white patented leather shoes that often have uncomfortable and hard soles. New age moms and dads not only want to choose suitable footwear for their little one, but they want to ensure at the same time that the designer baby shoe is also healthy for the developing feet of the baby.

Today, for most parents, handmade shoes are preferable as these are durable and made of natural materials that are at the same time stylish.

Designer Baby ShoesDesigner baby shoes trends

The trend for chic baby shoes this year is to mimic adult shoes, while maintaining childhood innocence. These baby shoes vary on the basis of a style which the parent wants to attain.

Usually, the fancy designer baby shoe for girls is bright with the predominating colors being pink and gold, with added sequins for rendering a sparkling look.

You may choose a more casual and fun look with a solid colored shoe which is decorated with a princess theme or simple animal shape. The princess themes often incorporate a magic wand, tiara or glass slipper.

Parents opting for the retro appeal can choose between the stripes, and swirls, along with polka dotteddesigner baby shoes. Vintage and timeless styles are also common including ballet flats with shimmering sparkles and a soft rose embedded. When it comes to a designer baby shoe for boys, hot and shining ones in black and blue, are far more common.

Faux patented leather penny loafers with browns, blacks and stripes are popular. Casuals may be designed in a solid color with shapes like a train or sailboat for a fashionable look. If your kiddo is a punk rock, go for crossbones, plaid designs or skeletons.

Sports fanatics can elect designer baby shoes with mock shoelaces having white stripes at the sides of the shoe. Traditional athletic shoes that impersonate fashionable adult styles are popular nevertheless. Irrespective of the varieties that are available on the basis of the parents’ choice, the designer baby shoe is a safe, fashionable and comfortable option. Most of the shoes are generally made entirely of leather or have leather soles.

The advantage of leather is that it offers breathing space, growth and a delicate sole that shapes the child’s foot and promotes easy walking.

Parents must ensure that the shoes are light and cover the foot properly. Security of the foot should be a primary concern in the designer baby shoes. The practicality and durability of the shoes play an important role. Moreover, with the kids running around often, parents should ensure the durability of the designer baby shoe to prevent fast wearing out.

Do not go for the high end shoes as the baby’s feet grow quickly and you might soon need a replacement. Some popular baby brands include Lil Moc’s, Cuquito Baby Shoes, Daisy Roots Shoes, SFERA Boots and Andanines Tiny Shoes.


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