Your Checklist for New Baby Clothes

With the mind boggling variety of adorable new baby clothes available out there, there is a lot that you as a new or expectant parent will want to buy. But what is it that you should buy for your newborn? What are the things that you will really need during the first weeks and months of baby’s life?

What to keep in mind about new baby clothes

New Baby ClothesNew born sizes are generally meant for babies who are three months of age. However many babies outgrow this very small new born size a lot quicker than that, and some babies who are born large, may never even fit into those new born sizes. Keep this in mind, especially if your family has a history of very tall or very large babies.

Remember new babies tend to get a lot of gifts and a lot of these gifts will be in the form of new baby clothing. So be prudent about how much of the really small stuff you buy.

When it comes to new baby clothes, the simpler the better. Complicated snaps, ribbons and straps are best avoided for several reasons. Dressing and undressing baby will take longer with a lot of buttons and elaborate snaps. Also avoiding clothes having belts, buckles and ribbons is best to prevent little fingers getting caught in them.

Designer or expensive items in the new born size may not be the best of ideas, because you will be spending a lot of money on something that your child will probably wear once before outgrowing. Even if it is a special occasion, limit yourself to one special outfit and resist the urge to get several.

Your new baby clothes checklist

1. Baby socks or booties

You will need about 5 to 7 pairs of the newborn size of socks or booties. Depending upon how cold it is when your baby is born, you can use woolen or cotton socks. If required top them off with crib shoes that have elastic at the ankle to prevent baby form kicking them off.

2. Body suits or onesies

5 to 7 body suits, onesies or one piece outfits may be required. These are minimum fuss all in one clothing that require no color coordination or matching. For winter you can have full body suits that cover the arms, legs and feet as well, whereas in summer you can get the type without long sleeves or trouser legs. These same clothing can double as night suits or night gowns as well for the first few months, unless you want to have separate night things for your baby.

3. Separates

5 to 6 jumpers or new born size t-shirts and a similar number of lowers with elasticized waists are a good idea. These new baby clothes can be mixed and matched and the whole outfit doesn’t need changing if only the top or the bottom is soiled.

4. Jacket

Just one jacket in a newborn size will be enough for those cool evenings or days out. However if it is cold where you are, infant bunting, cold weather sleepers and so on may be needed.

5. Hats

Hats or baby caps are something else you should add to your list of new baby clothes. If its summer, have a summer hat or two to protect from direct sunlight and for the winter babies, a couple of really warm hats to keep baby’s head and ears warm is a must.


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