The Dilemma with Buying Newborn’s Clothes

It is quite easy to go overboard with shopping when you are doing so for your soon-to-arrive baby. Most moms and for the record dads too, go crazy picking up loads of tiny pants, shirts, socks, shoes and hats.

It may sound a little strict, but you will be happier if you spend less on your yet to arrive baby’s wardrobe. Once the baby arrives you will realize that you were better off not giving into the temptation.

List out stuff that is absolutely essential and are required as soon as the baby arrives. This would include a few sleep sacks with shoes attached, half a dozen side snap shirts, undershirts that snap around the baby’s crotch (4-6), socks are booties – 6 or more pairs as they will beautifully double as mittens that actually stay.

You can get a baby cap if you really, really want one as the hospital will, in all probability, give the baby one. Baby clothes that fit 0-3 month year old babies, as most gifts that you get, will be for six months and older.

A light jacket and some snow suits for the winter bloomers. You will also need warm hats and a woolen stroller blanket.

Here is some practical advice for the new moms. You really don’t need that burp cloth as it is way too small; instead pick up cloth diapers that will work great as burp cloth. New born babies don’t really need shoes.

We all know they look super cute in the shop window, but a new baby has no need for them. You will need plenty of cheap wash cloths as they will come handy in cleaning plenty of mess. Bibs are another baby items that can wait as most dresses will have one and how many do you really need?

Another practical advice would be not to stock up with nursing accessories, as nursing needs can be determined only after the baby arrives. You may or may not use all the stuff you stock.

Go easy with the shopping and you will realize that you were right in controlling your desire as plenty of what you were going to buy will be given as gifts.


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