How to Find the Best Baby Clothes

The best baby clothes are those that are economical, easy care, smart and low maintenance. Also ideally they should be the sorts that are adjustable so that they can grow with baby to an extent and not get outgrown too quickly.

But with the wide choice out there, it can be difficult to decide what and where to buy clothes for baby. We look at some of the options for the best baby clothes in terms of economy and ease of buying as well as easy maintenance and some resistance to stains and spills.

best-baby-clothesHand me downs from friends and family

Very often you will find that clothes are in mint condition or may even be unworn and so you can get a wide variety of clothes, both for regular wear as well as for special occasions from friends, family, neighbors and so on.

You may be surprised at how good hand me downs can be, because babies tend to outgrow their clothes so fast, that your friend or family member did not have a chance to use those clothes much or even at all!

Buy gently used clothing

So long as you don’t have a hang up about using previously used stuff, you could find the best baby clothes on websites that specialize in selling gently used clothing. Once upon a child is a sort of baby clothing exchange where you can buy and sell children’s clothing. Not only can you buy clothes you can also sell or trade in clothes and accessories for other stuff you need.

Gently and the bundle are other such sites that you can use to find cool baby stuff that you need.


A lot of the bigger supermarkets offer some of the best baby clothing if you know where to look. These can be quite economical to buy and you can get good deals on accessories such as booties, prams, diapers, baby slings and so on.

Buy the best baby clothes online

Like in all things, clothes shopping for babies has also become super easy because of online shops. Online stores such as Target, eBay and online stores of Walmart and the like offer you a wider variety of clothes and accessories than you would find in a bricks and mortar store.

Also unlike a bricks and mortar store, online stores don’t have to employ sales people, or pay overheads such as rent, electricity and other overheads so they are cheaper to run. This is why online stores can afford to give better discounts than regular stores.

You can get some really excellent vintage clothing from online stores as well. For special occasions such as christenings, first birthdays and so on, a charming outfit in old lace or vintage fabric could be just the thing to make some memorable moments.

You can even get the best baby clothing in terms of designer labels from online stores. Especially if you wait for the sales, you can get great bargains from Baby Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, JC Penny, Kohls, and so on.


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