Baby Summer Clothes – A Checklist for Essential Picks

Now that summer is here, baby is likely to be more active than the cold and depressing winter months. So it follows that baby summer clothes are now on your shopping list now. With a mind boggling variety of summer clothes out there, what do you really need and what picks are the best bet for your baby in summer?


General tips for buying baby summer clothes

Remember babies tend to outgrow things really fast, so you may want to limit the number of items that you buy and also control the amount you spend on each item. Because of the cute quotient, the temptation can be really high, but consider if the fancy designer togs you’re considering to buy are going to be worn enough to justify the outlay.

When it comes to baby clothes the simple the better: dispense with the belts, buckles, straps and strings. You may be amazed at what a lot things little baby finger can be caught up in and how belts and straps could pose strangulation dangers.

Baby summer clothes are best when they are made from natural, breathable fabric. These will keep baby cool and comfy and are also less likely to cause rashes and other reactions for baby’s delicate skin.

Babies do look adorable in white and light pastels, but babies have a positive talent for getting their clothes dirty – sticky fingers, spit ups, crawling into unspeakable messes you name it! So try and get bright prints, colorful solids that won’t show up dirt and stains as much and will wear better.


These are of course a staple for babies, but when you’re buying baby summer clothes pick onesies that have no leggings or have only shorts. Also pick sleeveless or short-sleeved onesies to keep baby as cool as possible.

Summer frocks

Sundresses, halter dresses, strappy frocks, there are really so many options for baby girls that you can really go overboard. Ideally you should get several of the casual kind of dresses that your little girl can wear at home, to the party or for a day at the mall. And then you could have a couple of party dresses also for the special occasions.

Singlet and shorts

Mommies of boys have rather fewer options for their boys, but the regulation singlet and shorts are practical and hardwearing options for infants and toddlers. And since these are separates you can create lots of different looks and combinations by mixing and matching these baby summer clothes.

Light jackets

Also invest in one or two light jackets. These will be useful not just for the occasional cool evening but even for days when the sun is too bright and you have to cover up for protection.

Hats and swim wear

Whether it is for the beach or the pool, a couple of swimsuits and some smart, jaunty hats for sun protection are a must for any baby summer clothes wardrobe. And just a reminder: don’t forget the sunscreen to protect baby’s tender skin!


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