Baby Fashion Clothes – Tips for a Fashionable Baby

If you are a fashion conscious parent, there is no reason why your baby shouldn’t be as up to the minute, sartorially speaking, as you are. Here are some baby fashion clothes tips that you can use, so that your baby is as well dressed as you like to be.

Check celeb babies for baby fashion clothes and trends

baby-fashion-clothesYou can be sure that with the kind of exposure and media coverage that babies of celebrities routinely attract, the babies we see in the media are likely to be sporting trends that really made it to the infant catwalks. While you may not agree with letting little girls wear heels (which Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allegedly let their little girl Suri wear) you may find the denim jacket worn by one of Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie’s brood to be both smart and practical.

Get the right size

This is an important baby fashion clothes tip if you want your baby looking as smart as possible. Clothes that are too large are going to make it seem as though baby is drowning in them hands will disappear into the cuffs and the little booties into the leggings.

Also if baby is trying to learn how to crawl or walk or pull himself to a standing position; the extra fabric is likely to trip him up.

Too small clothing is also likely to pinch and cause discomfort and restrict baby’s movements so make sure that baby is cool and comfortable in clothes that are the right size for him or her.

Go Vintage

Sometimes you can find the most beautiful clothes within the family – items of your own or belonging to a spouse that were lovingly preserved by a parent. Ask a grandparent or two; inquire from an aunt or an uncle if such family heirlooms exist in your family. These items can made beautiful and ethereal christening gowns, and can be used for significant events such as a first birthday, a family wedding and so on.

Some of the antique lace and the old-fashioned garment styling could just up the fashion quotient of your infant’s wardrobe.

There are many websites that cater to discerning parents by offering genuine vintage clothing for sale; yet others offer services to clean any vintage clothing that you may have inherited or obtained. So, vintage baby fashion clothes could be just the thing, to help your baby look as special as possible.

Get a few smart pieces

Since babies tend to outgrow their clothes so quickly, it really doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money buying expensive things for them. You could decide to get some designer items – designer labels such as D&G Junior create exceptionally adorable baby fashion clothes, right from age 6 months upward.

However select some fine pieces that you can use for special occasions rather than go the whole hog and tog out your infant in designer threads. Remember you babies tend to drool and dribble, they spit up their milk or formula and spit out first foods, so you don’t want to regret spending too much money on clothes that may be easily ruined.


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