Tips for Cool, Funky, Alternative Baby Clothes

If you as a parent have an affinity for all things alternative – alternative music, lifestyle, food habits and clothes; then chances are you are looking for alternative baby clothes for your little one as well. After all you and your baby should reflect the personality and the individuality that you personify.

If you’re looking for alternative baby clothes, you can look for following different options –

Alternative Baby ClothesLook for gothic and punk rock clothes for babies

Sometimes you can find some really cool alternative clothes under the classification of gothic or punk rock clothes. Look for retail outlets or online stores for stock of such clothes.

You can even get them personalized as per your requirement. For instance you can get a cute little onesie to read, “My Dad _____ is a Goth” or “My Mom ____ is a Metal head” with an interesting graphic or motif alongside the wording – interesting alternative baby clothes idea, wouldn’t you say?

Think of a black and white striped onesie that proudly proclaims “I’ve been inside for 9 months” or one perhaps with some bold leopard print? Perhaps you can find one with a benign looking Frankenstein with the legend “I love Monsters” or “Kid Vicious”. Such raglans, hoodies, jackets and so on in baby sizes can really offer a baby a truly alternative appearance.

Biker baby clothes and tattoo baby clothes

You can also find funky baby clothes if you do an online search for these search terms so that your baby looks like someone with loads of attitude. You can find unusual motifs such as skull and crossbones, dragon motifs, get baby clothes in usual colors such as black or in unusual animal prints and so on. If the usual pink and blue clothes with the lace and embroidery and other “baby” accoutrements are just not your thing, then these options for alternative baby clothes should really work for you.

 Traditional baby clothes

If you or someone you know is planning to travel to a distant place, make sure to bring back some interesting baby clothes such as traditional baby outfits from another country and so on – a miniature version of the traditional Masai warrior dress from Africa, or a little traditional sari from India. Who knows, you may be able to make good use of them if your baby ever has to participate.

Other types of alternative baby clothes

It isn’t just skulls and crossbones and gothic hearts that you could be looking for. You can even find baby stuff that is made out of tie and die materials or batik prints and vegetable dyes and organic, earth friendly material. If you are the kind of parent who wears the peace sign and bandanas and sports long hair, then this would certainly work for your child.


Many websites and retail stores sell not only alternative baby clothes but also matching accessories so that you can have a mini leather biker’s jacket, baby size gothic boots, funky hats, glove and other items to go along with your baby’s distinctive gear.


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