Your Newborn And The Power Of Music

musicWe have all heard the expression, “Music soothes the savage beast” but did you know that your new baby can actually benefit from listening to music.

Playing soft and soothing music when your baby is going to sleep is the perfect way to get them off to dreamland. [Baby sleep]

You can either learn some classic lullabies or you can use classical music on the radio to get them to drift off to dream.

Preemies and Music

A study has shown that the effect of music on premature babies can help to strengthen them. Brigham Young University had Utah Valley Regional Medical Center located in Provo pipe music into their neo-natal units.

The babies heard forty minutes of people singing lullabies for 4 days. When the babies were examined the doctors found that the babies exposed to the music had a heartbeat that was stronger, blood pressure that was lower and they gained more weight than the babies who had not been exposed to music.

Does Music Give Your Baby an Intelligence Boost?

There is as yet no definitive answer to this question. No real testing has been done in this arena. There are those that say that when an infant listens to classical music that it opens new pathways in the brain, but the jury is still out on that. Babies seem to discern speech from melodies.

It is said that when the “Birthday Song” was played wrong that even four month old babies knew it.

Involve Your Baby with Music

There are many ways to involve your baby with music in your everyday routine. The first and easiest is to sing to them.

Repeat the songs you remember from your childhood that were sung to you. If you can’t sing, then whistle or hum.

If you play an instrument try to do so in front of the baby. Instead of turning on the television, you could turn on the stereo and sing and dance with your baby.

There are also videos available that contain a variety of styles and types of music that you can pop into the DVD player.

It doesn’t matter what genre of music you prefer, any music is better than no music at all. Babies get so much enjoyment out of musicality and it is a fantastic way to bond with baby.

Sharing songs and music is the ideal activity for quality time spent with children of any age.


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