Why Music Is Good For Your Baby – At Every Age

Music is supposed to be the universal language of the world, able to be understood without words, but there are more reasons why music is so good, even for children and newborn babies. A number of studies have been able to show that music can help to ready the brain for learning new skills, and improving reasoning and help in different areas of life.

music for childrenDuring the early years, even prior to elementary school, learning occurs in a number of different ways including emotional association and physical movement.

When children are exposed to music during the first two years of life, they get assistance with the neural coding that goes on at this time of their life.

And this helps them in their learning processes throughout their life.

Sam Houston State University researchers found that children, who are trained in music early in life, can get help in improving intelligence and this training can be further aided by active parental involvement.

The development of abilities such as matching vocal pitches and reproducing rhythmic patterns that musical training fosters, can help to develop reasoning abilities as well, it was found.


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