Where To Look For A Nanny For Your Baby?

It can be a onerous responsibility; finding the right person to entrust with the responsibility of looking after your baby and one that may become a reality for many of us who are required to resume working shortly after a delivery. So how do you go about looking for a nanny for your baby?

Start in advance: You know when you will be required to resume working after the baby arrives to you.

It is best to do your research in advance and perhaps start interviewing people even before the baby is born. This will give you an idea about the financial and other resources you have at your disposal too.

Ask friends, relatives and neighbors: People may be able to suggest a particular person who may be right for the job or they may be able to offer inflation about agencies that offer nanny services.

The Nanny Network: This is a useful resource for anyone looking for a nanny or a nanny who is looking for a job. You can get comprehensive information here about nanny referral and placement agencies, and also obtain information about nanny employment, recruitment and retention.

The International Nanny Association: This is another useful resource for all sorts of newborn related information including in-home child care: nannies, babysitters, newborn specialists etc.


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