Top 4 Ways to Provide Gas Relief to your Baby

A baby’s stomach is a sensitive area where problems can develop very easily and this can cause issues in digestion. Due to the varying eating habits, growth spurts and other growing up changes, babies may experience digestive system problems on a regular basis.  One of these issues is gas problem.  Developing of gas in the tummy of your little one can make him cranky, irritated and uncomfortable. So the following are a few of the best ways to provide gas relief to your baby:

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1. Feed the Baby Slowly at a Leisurely Pace

One of the ways to relieve gas problem is by feeding your baby at a slow leisurely pace. Feeding a baby at a very fast pace or rapidly can lead to trapping of air in the tummy of the baby, thus leading to gas formation.  So when you are next breastfeeding your baby and your breastmilk is flowing briskly, then remove your baby’s mouth from your breast for a moment and let the flow slow down. But on the other hand if you are feeding your baby with the bottle then check the opening of the nipple of the bottle and make sure it is not too large so that milk flows slowly.

2. Massage your Baby

You can lay your baby down and gently massage his tummy in a clockwise motion.  This will help to release the trapped gas and provide relief. You can hold down your baby in the gas hold or colic hold position too for this. In this position, you need to hold your baby securely over your arm in a face down position.

3. Try Burping your Baby

Another method to release the gas out of your baby’s stomach is by trying to burp him. This will greatly help to relieve the discomfort.  To burp your baby, you can try to sit straight, and place your baby in your arms in such a way that his face is pressed against your shoulder. Now pat him gently until he burps.  There are some other positions too in which your baby will be able to burp easily.

4. Dietary Changes

Gas or gas pains in babies is caused due to trapping of gas bubbles in the stomach or the intestines. This may either be a result of changing from breastmilk to formula or due to certain dietary habits of the baby or the mother. So making appropriate dietary changes can provide relief.

  • If you are nursing your baby, then you can try to remove certain items from your own diet such as peanut products, soy and dairy products. Eliminate these foods for a while and observe the changes in your baby.
  • Staying away from foods like beans and other gassier vegetables can also be helpful for your baby as far as gas problem is concerned.
  • Minimize the intake of your caffeine as this too can get transferred through your breastmilk and cause gas related problems in your baby.

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