4 Ways to Deal with Twin Infants Alone

Childbirth is wonderful news, but, at times, you may get a little worried about the parenting part. You will have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for nappy changes, sleeplessness, overworked days, never-ending wailing, breastfeeding, and whatnot. But, hey, what if there are twins?

Twins are double good news, and at the same time, they welcome double the effort from parents and everyone else. Things become ever more difficult when you have to tend to their needs all by yourself, but there are always ways to mitigate problems.

4 ways to deal with twin infants alone

Here in this article, we shall discuss four ways to deal with twin infants all alone:

  1. Nurse the twins at the same time

Nursing the twins at the same time seems like an impossible task at first, but there are handy ways to accomplish this with significantly fewercries and more satisfaction. There are a number of things you can do:

  • Bottle-feed at the same time: It is suggested that you bottle-feed them at the same time so that both of them get equitable treatment.
  • Put them to sleep together: Each of the twins may have different napping needs like one wants to sleep in your arms and the other on the bed, and therefore, tailor your management accordingly.
  1. Get a double stroller and start learning as much as possible about it

Yes, double strollers are magnificent inventions that human parents thought could help them handle twin troubles all at once. These vehicles are of amazing help when you have to carry around twins all by yourself without the help from another adult. Learn the basics of the stroller thoroughly before putting your babies into it so that to ensure maximum safety and utility.

These days double strollers come with all kinds of modifications such as large space, baby distractions, and whatnot. Choose the kind of stroller which your baby will easily adapt to.

  1. Alternate floor and holding time

A common worry among parents is that their twins will fuss about holding them. In order to deal with this problem, you should engage in alternate floor and holding time with twins, Put one baby in a blanket or an infant seat and hold the other one in your arms; when you see the one on the seat or in blanket getting fussy, carry it in your arms and put down the other one.

This way of baby-handling will ensure that each baby gets an equitable amount of time with you!

  1. Ways to put them to sleep

In the preceding paragraphs, I have noted different napping and sleeping needs of twins, and under this head, we shall deal with this issue more elaborately.

It is important you experiment with all kinds of methods to put your twins to sleep such as wearing one of them in a baby carrier, wrapping them in a blanket, placing them in a swing, or humming a song to them.

One really helpful tip is to keep tabs on the places where your baby twins usually fall asleep since this will help when you running short of ideas.


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