Use Words With Your New Baby

The importance of talking to a baby is evidenced by the response of a baby himself: when you speak directly to the baby, you have his attention, he looks at you, chortles in response, he coos, he smiles with his whole body! And researches are telling us exactly why talking to baby (as against baby talking) is so good for him.

Words apparently have the biggest impact on the developing mind of the tiny infant according to a new study; more so than musical sounds even. Three month babies exposed to words were found to be more able to categorize pictures when compared to babies who listened to tones alone.

mother babyResearcher at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Albert Levy has said that babies benefit from having stories read out to them even when they are as young as 3 months of age.

Also the researcher advised that parents ought not to baby talk to their babies all the time.

When you baby talk to the baby, he learns to speak that way, using baby words, lisping, using the sing song voice.

Parents should instead use the words that they normally would in speech, in order for their infant to learn them.

Source: NY Daily News


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