Top Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Baby’s Nails

Cutting your baby’s nails may seem to be one of the most daunting tasks, not just for first time parents but also for those who have done this plenty of times.  Not only does this seem like torturing the baby but also involves a lot of risk of chipping off baby’s skin with the nail cutter.

A lot of parents try to skip the nail cutting process but it is something which may be required almost every week. So what are the precautions that one can take while cutting baby’s nails? Well, the following given points will help you:

Top Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Baby’s Nails

Make Sure the Nare Long Enough

The first thing to consider while cutting baby’s nails is to ensure that they are long enough.  The longer they are, the farther stretched out will they be from the skin and thus easier to cut. If they are not yet separate from the baby’s finger pad, then you must allow them to grow a bit more.

Buy Simple Clippers

There are hundreds of varieties of nail clippers available in the market but you must go for the simplest ones. It is not important that you buy clippers especially meant for kids but can get adult sized ones as well.

Avoid Scissors

A lot of parents use scissors to cut their baby’s nails but this tool must definitely be avoided. Not only are they more pointed but risk of hurting the baby with these is higher. Scissors are difficult to operate than clippers and are not appropriate to be used on babies.

Cut When Baby is Asleep

One of the best tips to cut your baby’s nails is to time it right. The best time to do so is when your baby is deep in sleep.  Not only does this avoids all the drama but prevents risk of hurting the baby as well.

Make Sure there is Enough Light

Make sure that there is enough natural or artificial light when you cut the baby’s nails to ensure that you don’t go wrong.


While cutting the baby’s nails, it is important that you are 100% focused and that there are no distractions. Switch off the TV and avoid taking calls when doing so.

It is important to remember that accidents do take place and cutting a baby’s nails is never without any risk. Have first aid handy and do not feel guilty if you make a mistake.


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