Top Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

If you are thinking about home remedies for diaper rash, you should make sure that the skin of the baby is always dry and clean. This is easy to achieve if you change the diapers often. If you don’t know whether you need to change the diaper or not, you should check it with your finger.

Over-the-counter products and diaper rash home remedies

There are a lot of products used for diaper rashes that don’t need a prescription. This is something that you should talk to the pharmacist or to the doctor about. The most commonly used ointments include A+D, Balmex, Triple paste, Desitin and Zinc oxide paste.

Diaper Rash

When it comes to the home remedies for nappy rash, you should know that the active agent of many treatments it zinc oxide. The products need to be applied on the affected region in a thick layer several times per day to protect and to soothe the skin of the baby.

this one of the home remedies for diaper rash can also be used on healthy skin in order to prevent the problem. It is better to opt for creams and ointments instead of the liquids or lotions. However, the ointments act as a barrier and they prevent the skin from breathing.

On the other hand, the cream nappy rash home remedies dry on the skin of the baby and they allow it to breathe. You should talk to a doctor to find out which solution is best for your baby. All the parents should go for the products that were especially created for babies.

What to avoid

When it comes to the home remedies for diaper rash, you should make sure that you don’t use products that contain camphor, boric acid, benzocaine, phenol and salicylates. This is because the ingredients of these kinds could turn out to be dangerous for the baby.


In order for the home treatments for diaper rash to work you should increase the airflow to the skin of the baby. One of the things that you could do is to let the baby go without a diaper for shorter periods of time, like during naps. Also avoid the tight fitting or plastic diaper covers.

Until the home remedies for diaper rash take effect, you should opt for larger diapers than the ones you usually use. In the same time you shouldn’t wash the affected region with disposable wipes or soaps. This is because the perfume and the alcohol of the products could irritate the skin of the little one.

If you don’t use the home treatments for nappy rash right, you could end up prolonging the problem or even making it worse. In the past a lot of parents used talcum powder in order to protect the skin of the babies. These days the doctors don’t recommend this because if the baby inhales the powder, it could irritate his or her lungs.

Now you know more about the home remedies for diaper rash and how to apply them to be efficient.


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