Tips To Manage ‘Double Trouble’

twinsThis article provides some valuable insight from a person who has twins and has another set on the way: valuable tips to managing twins

  • Keep yourself and your family healthy, so that you are able to take good care of the twins.
  • Be prepared for the adventure of your life – know what to expect and prepare for it. Some hospitals require that just before leaving the hospital, the parents should spend the night alone in a room with the new born babies, so that they know what they will be in for and if they have any issues or questions the nurse will be at hand to resolve them.
  • Be prepared for an early delivery; because twins are notorious for arriving early. Also be mentally prepared for a stint at the neonatal intensive care unit until the time of the actual due date because this is also common with twins.
  • Prepare for the fact that twins take longer to feed since they cannot both be fed at the same time and they may take in only a little at a time and require more number of feedings over the same period of time.


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