Tips for Preventing Baby Diaper Rash

A baby diaper rash is among the commonest of conditions among infants. This can be a painful and potentially worrisome condition; so as in all baby ailments, it is best to try and prevent a baby diaper rash from occurring in the first place.

baby diaper rashIt is important to keep the diaper area clean, cool and dry to keep baby comfortable, and also to prevent diaper rash from occurring. Mayo clinic had some helpful hints to help prevent baby diaper rash

  • Change diapers frequently. If baby has a bowel motion, change the diaper promptly. Also don’t wait until the diaper seems heavy or full, change it frequently to maintain good baby hygiene as well as to prevent baby diaper rash. And don’t forget to have the same done for your baby if he or she is in child care.
  • Rinse baby’s bottom with water each time a diaper is changed. Then pat the baby dry with a soft towel rather than using baby wipes. Wipes contain fragrance and alcohol that can cause irritation for a baby’s skin and actually contribute to baby diaper rash.
  • If possible, keep the diaper off each day for as much time as possible. This helps to air the skin and to dry it naturally and thus helps prevent baby diaper rash. For small babies, this can be done when baby is having some play time or tummy time by laying baby on a towel.
  • If you are using cloth diapers or reusable diapers, be careful about washing – don’t use harsh detergents, dryer sheets and softeners. Also remember that the plastic pants that one may typically use over cloth diapers can increase the heat and humidity inside the diaper for baby increasing chance of baby diaper rash, so if possible skip the plastic pants.
  • If using disposable diapers, check to see which type and brand suits your baby better. Some brands may be more likely to cause baby diaper rash than others, so try out a few to see which one suits your baby the best.
  • Use a barrier cream or ointment each time that you change baby’s diaper. This helps in a sense to waterproof baby’s skin so that it is less prone to damp and irritation, which are the principle causes of baby diaper rash. Look for barrier creams that have ingredients such as zinc oxide and petroleum jelly.
  • Try and avoid baby care products with artificial scents since these can irritate the skin as well.


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