Tips For Choosing Diapers

baby diapersThere is no doubt whatsoever that all babies need diapers! How does one go about choosing the best one for the baby?

What are the criterion? Remember; diapers do not come cheap, they can be expensive and they have to be changed any number of times everyday.

No number of diapers can therefore be ‘too many’!

Here are some tips for you on baby diapers:

  • First, decide whether you want to use disposable diapers, or the cloth ones that can be washed and reused over and over again. Of course, both have their own advantages and disadvantages: while disposable diapers may be hard on your budget, they offer you a convenience that cloth diapers do not.
  • Cloth diapers on the other hand are good for your baby, and he will feel more comfortable in them than in the disposable ones, especially if those don’t fit him too well. However, keep the environment in mind: even though disposable diapers pollute the environment, cloth diapers need to be bleached, washed, and dried, and they tend to deplete our precious natural resources.
  • Choosing the wrong diaper will leave you with more mess than you can handle, especially during the first few weeks of the baby’s arrival. Of course, disposable diapers come in all sorts of sizes to suit your baby, while cloth diapers can be adjusted according to your baby’s weight and body shape.
  • There is a type of diaper called ‘G-string diaper’ that combines environment friendly as well as the convenience of a disposable diaper. It comes with a plastic belt, through which you insert the pad-like diaper. It neither leaks nor messes up the place.
  • If you have opted for cloth diapers, be aware that there are several different folds that you can make while making up the nappy to fit your baby. These are prefold, bird’s eye and gauze. Try them all and then decide which one will suit your baby the best. Most of these can be fitted with a strip of absorbent sponge to absorb the liquid. However, if you are using cloth, make sure you have an area where they can be sun dried.
  • There are cloth diapers available today known as ‘PUL’, which means ‘polyurethane laminated’. This is a soft and stretchable fabric that is water proof, and will provide great comfort to your baby.
  • Hemp fibres are used today to make cloth diapers. Hemp is a highly absorbent material, and is more durable than the traditional cotton. It will also not mildew too quickly.
  • Make sure the diaper you have chosen has a proper cover. This will prevent leakage.


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