Tips For Choosing A Babysitter

baby sitterAll parents need a little time off now and again.

In order to feel comfortable about leaving your baby you need to choose a good babysitter that inspires your confidence.

Many parents rely on family members to care for baby when they will be gone, but you can’t always depend upon your relatives [Newborn Baby Care]. How do you choose a person to look after your baby?

The Interviewing Process

One of the first steps in choosing a person to watch your baby when you are not at home is the interview process. Be sure you ask for references and follow up on checking them.

You should rely on your instincts when it comes to feeling comfortable and secure in your choice of a babysitter.

You want someone that is warm, caring and flexible. What are the prospective babysitter’s views on discipline? Is the person comfortable and happy around children?

You also will need to discuss the babysitter’s rates. Another factor to consider is the babysitter’s transportation. Will they need to be picked up and dropped off or will they be using their own steam to get to and from your home?

Explain thoroughly what you expect the babysitter to do in case of an emergency. You should provide them with contact information for you, your pediatrician and perhaps another relative that can be reached in case of an emergency.

Tell the sitter about your routines with baby. Do you read to baby at bedtime? Convey your feelings about television shows that you want or don’t want your child to be exposed to. [Baby Sleep]

Discuss your disciplinary measures and consequences that will ensue from disobedience.

What to Provide for Your Babysitter?

In order to perform duties to the best of their ability you must provide your babysitter with specific information. You want to leave your phone number, address and full name.

Though this may seem obvious, if an emergency should occur your babysitter may blank out on this information. Leave the telephone numbers of the fire and police department as well as your pediatrician’s telephone number.

Don’t forget to leave information about where you will be so that you can be reached. The address and phone number should suffice.

If you want a family member, friend or neighbor to be contacted in case of an emergency, leave the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those people. Finally, tell the babysitter when to expect your return.

Having someone dependable, fun and creative watching your baby will give you some degree of security when you are going out whether for business or for pleasure. A good babysitter is worth their weight in gold.


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