Top Tips and Suggestions to Baby Proof your Home

When a baby arrives in your life and in your home, there are many changes that you will need to bring to both. The arrival of the little one not only changes your life, your schedule, your choices and preferences but also calls for changes in your living space. You will need to baby proof your house to ensure that the baby is safe, secure and always away from harm in the house.

From avoiding sharp or pointed objects to maintaining a clean environment, there are many ways in which you can baby proof your house and some of these tips have been given below.

tips and suggestions to baby proof your home

  • The first way to baby proof your home is to make sure there are no loose ends of wires, cables and other such things lying around or hanging in the house. You must keep all kinds of wires, belts, cables and threads away from the child’s reach as he/she can get entangles in them or may trip over them.
  • Another way to baby proof your house is to keep all kinds of furniture items, showpieces and other things with pointed edges or sharp ends away from the baby’s reach or get them all rounded or smoothened. Put away glass showpieces, pointed books, tables and other items and make sure that the edges of your bed etc. too are smoothened.
  • If there is any slippery slipper or mattress etc. in the house over which you or your baby could slip over, then you must make sure that they are put away. You will be moving across your house carrying your baby a lot and there must be nothing over which you can slip.
  • Create a soft, padded and thick floor area for your child where he/she can crawl, move and play rather than playing on the bed from which he/she can fall. This will ensure that even if the baby moves past the area, he/she will not fall and hurt himself.
  • Remove any items from the baby’s crib which can suffocate him if he/she takes it in his/her mouth. For example, remove any toys with pointed edges or any stuffed toys that have fur that the baby might chew into.
  • Keep away any ingestible liquids like creams, lotions and nail polishes away from the reach of the baby.
  • Keep away tablecloths from your child’s reach to avoid him/her pulling on them and leading to an accident.


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