The Importance Of Talking To Your Baby

talking to babyMany parents talk or read to their baby even before birth, to get their baby familiar with their voice and hoping that the sound will be soothing to the baby then as well as after birth.

While people may or may not agree with this, talking to your baby is a very important activity which parents should indulge in and enjoy and which is also highly beneficial for baby:

A parent talking to their baby is one of the most enthralling things for a baby.

Babies often cry [Crying Baby] from loneliness and boredom; having a parent in close proximity, cuddling baby and speaking to them softly lovingly, actually talking to them is utterly fascinating to baby. It is as riveting as the best movie would be for you!

It helps in baby’s development. The more that parents talk to their baby, the earlier and better will language skills develop. Speech is a social skill that is learnt only by imitation, it is not an innate ability though individual baby milestones are bound to differ greatly.

So the more that parents talk to their baby, the better are the chances of the development of baby’s speech patterns.

It’s great for bonding. The act of holding and speaking to your baby is a really pleasurable activity for parents and baby and it is great for bonding!


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