Pros and Cons of Terry Toweling Nappies

With more and more people being concerned with the environment, terry toweling nappies have become very popular. Since these nappies are made from cloth, they are reusable and not disposable. Unlike disposable diapers, they don’t create mounds of non-biodegradable garbage for landfills. We look at the pros and cons of these reusable nappies:

Pros of terry toweling nappies

There is of course the environmental aspect to consider here: when you use a cloth nappy, that’s significantly less garbage you’re creating.

Terry Toweling NappiesChemicals such as bleach etc are used to manufacture disposables, which are bad for the environment and can react with your baby’s skin as well.

The fact that you’re reusing the same cloth diaper over and over, wash after wash means that cloth diapers are a lot cheaper in the long run. On the other hand disposables can cost a lot more.

There is also the fact that the same cloth nappies that you buy for your first child will also work for any subsequent children you have, making them really economical.

The same size terry toweling nappies will last your baby from birth up to toddlerhood, unlike disposables that will need size changes.

You can use cloth nappies in many different ways, tying them in a way that baby finds comfortable.

Many mothers will tell you potty training kids is easier with cloth nappies because they can feel the wetness in cloth much more than disposables.

Cons of terry toweling nappies

Reusable nappies can be a lot of work: washing them, drying them and making sure you have enough of stock at all times can take planning and effort.

Though reusable nappies are thought of as environment friendly, you have to consider the water, detergent and energy used for washing them. When you factor in all of the resources you use to reusable nappies, they may not be as environment friendly after all.

Terry toweling nappies can mean a considerable outlay to begin with because you will have to buy several dozens to make sure that you have enough at all times. And buying branded ones can be even more expensive.

If you plan to use a diaper service, then the long term economy aspect also dwindles because diaper services can be very expensive.

Some mothers find that terry toweling nappies are not really very convenient because the wetness gets to babies and they cry to be changed immediately. This can be very troublesome because babies may wake up more frequently at night and will need more frequent changes during the day as well.

Also the wetness, if allowed to remain against baby’s skin can cause rashes. So in many cases, cloth nappies actually cause more and not fewer diaper rashes.

Then there is the convenience angle – terry toweling nappies can be rather bulky under clothing, so may not be suitable for some types of baby clothes. Also when you’re out and have to change baby at a public restroom, you can easily dispose a disposable nappy whereas you’re going to have to carry a cloth nappy back home in a suitable bag for cleaning.


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