Teething Relief – Make your Child’s Teething Tolerable

Have you ever sat up in the night, holding your incessantly crying baby and wishing you knew what to do, how to make your  darling feel better, and, more than anything else, that you can catch just a few winks of sleep? Of course you have! And the good news is you are not alone.

Teething ReliefAll parents know that teething is natural part of an infant’s growth that the process has to be approached with a lot of calmness and prior preparation.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because teething leaves you with a crying, screaming, drooling, sleepless and fussy baby. Providing teething relief is an important component of a parent’s skill set.

Quick and easy teething relief

You don’t need to go hunting outside your home in order to provide teething pain relief. Everyday articles can be used to provide instant teething relief.

1.A cold, wet cloth: Surprised? Don’t be. Many parents swear by this remedy. Just dip a cloth in cold water and let your baby chew on it to its heart’s content. Not only will this keep the pain at bay, the cloth will also absorb any excessive drool.

2. Anything frozen in a bag: You’re in a tearing hurry and your baby just doesn’t stop wailing – just bundle up some crushed ice in a piece of cloth and hand it over to your child, for instant toddler delight and teething relief.

The chillness will numb the gums and all that chewing will relieve the teething pressure. In fact, anything frozen is good enough. Put your child’s favorite suck toy in the freezer and hand it over.

Now, if you are not in a tearing hurry, you can take the time out to freeze some grapes or some banana pieces, put them in a mesh bag and watch your child quietly enjoying the unexpected treat.

3.Gum Massage: Use your finger and massage you child’s gums. Instant teething relief can be provided this way. Your finger’s pressure nullifies the pressure of the tooth pushing out of your child’s gum.

Relief you can buy

There are specially made teething devices and products available in stores.

1. Teething Rings: If you intend to keep your household appliances safe from your child, investing in a couple of teething rings is highly advisable. Nowadays, teething rings can be frozen and used.

There are also rings which vibrate as your child bites down on them. Make sure though, that you buy rings which come with non-freezable handles. There’s no point of a ring that your child can’t hold because it’s too cold.

2. Many mothers have lost jewelry because of an enthusiastic, teething child. Teething “bling” can solve this for you – a brand that has chewable jewelry that a mother can wear and the child can chew.

3. Medicines: Over the counter medicines like Tylenol or Motrin can be used in physician-recommended doses for particularly difficult babies. In fact, many commonly available analgesics are released in milder doses specifically for this purpose. You can also give homeopathic medicines a try.

More than anything else, you need to approach this phase of your child’s life pragmatically. If your baby picks up on your stress signals, a vicious circle of crying and wailing can ensue. So keep calm and be in control.


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