Soothe Your Baby With Massage

massageEvery mother instinctively touches her baby to soothe and calm.

Baby massage is just a special way of providing that soothing touch.

It also provides a bonding experience that anyone can share with the baby.

If you choose to massage your baby, you should remember that your baby’s body is still delicate and growing. A baby cannot be massaged the same way you would massage an adult.

You can learn more about baby massage by taking a class or renting a DVD. There are special ways of massaging a baby that can provide relief for particular conditions, such as colic or gas that are helpful to learn.

You cannot use adult massage oils or lotions on a baby’s delicate skin. Use a product specifically designed for infants. Remember that just because a product is “natural,” that does not mean it is safe for baby.

Even without learning about baby massage, you can make soothing touch a part of your baby’s daily routine. Choose a time when your baby is calm and alert, preferably around the same time each day.

Gently apply baby safe lotion to your baby’s sensitive skin, using calm, gentle strokes. At the same time, look into your baby’s eyes and talk with your baby in a soothing voice. Do not allow your baby to become cold. You will find this a relaxing time for both of you.


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