Safety for Kids – How to Make the House Safe for Them

Although your home may be safe for adults, you also have to think about safety for kids. The best thing you could do is to find the risks to be able to remove them. When childproofing your home you have to think about even those things that normally you would consider harmless.

General rule regarding kids’ safety

Remember that if children have an interesting and stimulating place to play, they are less likely to seek stimulation in other places and get hurt. This means that if you make sure that your child has a playing room filled with items that offer him or her interesting things to do, most probably you won’t have any problems.

Safety for Kids


To ensure the highest level of safety for children you should start with installing a smoke detector, install a safety switch for the circuit breaker and make sure that the hot water isn’t hotter than 50° C. In case the electrical cords or appliances are worn, they should be replaced.

When it comes to safety for kids regarding electrical cords, the best thing you could do is to make sure that they are short so that the kid won’t swing them or trip on them. The cover chains that you have should be shorter than 5 cm so that the little one won’t be able to wrap it around his or her neck.

Add some light

To make looking after your child during the night easier, when it comes to children’s safety, you should consider having low-power nightlights. It is also a good idea to leave the lights on in the hall to make it easier for the older children to go to the toilet during the night without tripping.

Heaters and fire

The fires and heaters that you have in the house should be fixed to the wall and have fireguard screens for safety for kids. The parents who have a pool should have a fence around it and a gate that locks itself. This way the little one won’t get to the pool without surveillance.


In case you have a balcony, you should also have a safety guard for baby safety. Even in this case you should always keep an eye on the little one. Make sure that the guardrails don’t have horizontal lines that the little one could use to climb. Opt for solid walls or narrow vertical bars.


For safety for kids, it is also important to lock all the windows in the house, especially the upper-story windows. Also it is a good idea to attach screens to the windows to make sure that the little one can’t fall out. There shouldn’t be any plants or chairs in front of the windows.

Hand tools

When thinking about safety for babies you should make sure that you don’t have any hand tools lying around like drills and saws.

As you can see, safety for kids is very important and it is the job of the parents to ensure the safety of the little one.


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