10 Reasons Why Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Although babies are known to be crying quite often, and they are supposed to do so, just remember that there is always a reason.

1. How to dress them?

In case the baby starts crying with no apparent reason, you should consider that he or she might be hot. Parents have a tendency to overdress the little ones and the babies get cranky if they are hot and sweaty. The baby should be wearing the same number of layers Baby-Won’t-Stop-Cryingas you are.

2. No fighting when baby is around

Although the baby may be too little to actually understand what you are saying, they sense if the people around them are fighting, and they really dislike it.

This is why the heated discussions should take place after the little one goes to sleep and certainly in another room.

3. Stressful life

In case the baby gets to a place with a lot of noise, light and movement, like a coffee shop, the mall or a family reunion, he or she could feel overwhelmed and this could bring tears.

Since every baby is different, you should see what is the breaking point of yours and don’t cross it.

4. Tummy ache

There are many reasons for which babies could have problems with their stomach, including gas buildup, constipation, milk sensitivity, allergy or reflux. In order to avoid pain you should try making the baby burp more often and massage the little one’s tummy.

5. Pinching pain

It is common for hair or a loose thread to twist around the fingers or toes, cutting off the circulation and causing pain. Also the little one could be irritated by a zipper, label or the seat belt. Undress the little one and find the source of the pain to be able to stop it.

6. Being lonely

After a while babies realize that they are a separate entity from you. Nonetheless in case you leave the baby at an activity center or somewhere else he or she could miss you. In such a case you just have to reassure the little one that you will always come back.

7. Being hungry

It is possible that the little one ate an hour ago, and that he or she is hungry again. This happens during growth spurts. To make sure that he is really hungry take him for a walk. If he falls asleep, there is no need for more food.

8. Getting bored

If the baby spends too much time in the same place he will get bored and all you have to do is to move him to another place. Also you could interact with him. Remember that babies are highly sociable.

9. Teething

Teeth growth is uncomfortable for babies because the teeth break through the young sensitive gum. In case you don’t know why the little one is crying, try checking the gums.

10. Burping

Burping isn’t a must, but in case the little one cries after feeding, this might be what he wants. While eating it is common for them to swallow some air and if that isn’t released, it could cause problems.


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