Reasons Why Babies Cry – Part 2

baby cryIn the last post, we discussed the many reasons why babies cry; here are some more of them –

1. Baby may need to burp, or burp again. Not being burped properly may make baby uncomfortable.

2. The baby may feel too hot or too cold, and may protest by crying. Rule of thumb for keeping babies warm is, they need one layer more than adults to keep warm.

3. Sometimes niggling little things may make baby cry – a hair wrapped tightly around a toe or finger, tight or scratchy or uncomfortable clothing or even a too tight diaper could be causing the discomfort.

4. Teething can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Run your finger along the little gums to see if a tooth is about to spurt which is the culprit causing baby’s distress.

5. Sometimes it is being over stimulated that tires out a baby and causes it to cry. Swaddling or a soothing parent’s voice may be all that is needed.

6. At times it is the opposite, boredom that causes babies to cry. Being left alone doesn’t work with sociable babies who want to be around people.

7. If you have gone through the entire checklist and found nothing that matter, it could be that baby is unwell. Crying, or not sounding right or just an instinctive feeling that baby is not well should alert parents to the fact that baby may need to see a doctor.


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