Preparing Your Child to Love the New Baby

Why wouldn’t families want to expand? The majority of adults are thinking about having several children, but once they had their first, it might be more difficult to keep the balance of the family as the second child arrives.

In order to make this situation easier for the first child, there are some methods through which you could make sure that he or she will understand the things happening around him or her.

SiblingsNaturally one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to talk to the child about the future changes in a manner that he or she will be able to understand.

Another good idea might be to make them feel important regarding the preparations for the baby’s arrival.

You might take your first child along when you are shopping for the nursery and you might let the little one make some choices.

Also before the baby arrives you could take the other child to get a gift for the new baby.

In case they choose something that might be potentially harmful for the little one, you should explain why that choice isn’t the right one, and you should carry on to find a more suitable gift.

Since talking helps, you might explain what is going on with his or her mommy, what are those things that change and you might tell the little one to talk to mommy’s tummy. This might help because children have a really colorful imagination.

You should involve the first child in the life of the new baby right from the beginnings. After the new baby arrives, you might let the little one hold the baby.

But be sure that you offer them some help to hold the head of the new baby and also be on a lookout so they will not get tired or treat the baby as they would treat a doll.


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