Practical Solutions for Crying Babies

It’s not exactly comfortable for the parents to see their babies cry, so most of them look for solutions for crying babies.

Naturally the best idea is to find out why the baby is crying and to act on it.

If you can’t seem to find the source of the problem, there are some tips that you can use.

The surroundings

Solutions-for-Crying-BabiesSometimes the elements of the surroundings make the baby cry. In this case the best thing that you may do is to try to soothe the little one according to what he or she sees or hears. The babies act differently in the different stages of soothing. You just have to experiment until you find what works.


When thinking about the key to soothing the crying baby, you should remember that strong light makes everybody feel wired, so one thing that you should try is to dim the lights. Sometimes moving things hypnotizes the baby, but this can also backfire and it might overstimulate the little one.


There are some sounds that create a kind of ‘white sound’ that bothers the baby and so parents have to identify them when seeking solutions for crying babies. In order to decrease these noises, think about putting on some calming music when you are using a fan or a vacuum cleaner.


Human touch is very important for the babies and it can be the key to calm down crying babies. You should consider offering the baby a massage. Gently rub the different body parts of the baby including the back, arms, legs and feet. Give the kangaroo method a try by laying the baby on your chest.

Colicky baby

If the baby is colicky, the solutions for crying babies are a bit different. If the baby cries for over three hours per day with no apparent reason, for longer periods of time, most probably you are dealing with colic. There are five different strategies that you can try.

The crying babies’ solution includes swaddling the baby. Also try putting the baby on his belly or holding him on your arm, face down, while you are gently rubbing his tummy. Another thing that you may try is to say ‘shh, shh, shh’. These sounds mimic the sound of water, and resemble what the baby heard in the womb.

You could come up with your own solutions for crying babies that work for your baby all you need to do is be patient.


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