Pet Safety And Your Baby

baby safeIf you have a pet, especially a dog, before you are going to bring home baby there is some caution to be taken depending upon the breed of the dog.[Dog breeds]

Most dogs integrate happily with a new baby and it is up to the parents to be sure that baby is welcomed home by everyone in the household.

Before Baby’s Arrival

While the baby is still at the hospital it is a good idea to bring home a blanket  that the baby has slept on while in the nursery. [Baby Blanket]

This gives your pet a chance to get a whiff of the new member of the family. When the baby comes home the dog will already be familiar with the baby’s scent.

When Baby Comes Home

Your baby will threaten your dog’s place in the pack and you must do all you can to show the dog that you can still love him and the baby as well. When you are feeding baby don’t chase the dog away.

Let him lie at your feet or sit near you so you can pet him while baby is being nourished. Some dogs will welcome a baby happily while others will regard the new arrival with suspicion.

Experts recommend that in the weeks before the baby is to arrive you begin to spend less time with your dog so that they will not be surprised that you are not at their beck and call as before.

Many people feel that showering the dog with affection before the baby comes home is the way to do it but that will only cause resentment when baby comes home and the attention they were receiving is cut off.

Your Friendly Fido

If your dog has any behavioral problems that may affect the baby in a negative way it is best to take care of them before baby comes home. [Dog Behavior]

You can hire a dog trainer and explain what is happening and they will guide you through the steps to make the baby’s arrival a happy occasion for everyone.

You don’t have to give up a pet just because a new baby is coming home. Love grows and moms and dads and pretty soon babies will be playing, loving and bonding for their lifetimes together.

Contact an animal expert if you have any concerns about your pet and your new baby so that you can have peace of mind when the time comes for Fido and baby to meet in person.


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