New Born TV? What Is That?

New parents, individuals or couples planning on parenthood may want to get the benefit of a 24×7 educational channel dedicated to all things of new born.

New Born TV is part of the NBC digital health network and may be good idea for those that just want to know more about the job of parenting. The programming is centered on topics such as:

  • Infant care – you are told about caring for the baby, including things like caring for baby’s skin, bathing baby, first aid, safety issues at home, getting baby to sleep, massage, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome etc.
  • New mom care – this is a topic almost as important as baby care. Covered issues include C section recovery, healthy eating choices.
  • Breastfeeding – more about how breast is best and is a gift unlike any other to give to a baby. Joys, benefits and how-to tips about breast feeding.
  • Car seat safety – The importance of such a topic is self explanatory.
  • Development – important baby milestones.
  • Family Life – a new baby means lots of adjustments, some help for when the baby comes home, adjusting to pets etc.
  • Immunizations – what is required when and why.


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