Natural Teething Remedies for Happy Moms

Like many mothers I remember my son having many tooth related problems. And his sprouting of the first tooth was no exception. It was a sultry afternoon and he was a bit cranky since morning, but I managed to calm him down with his favourite toy.

But by noon his crankiness returned and this time around his sound decibels increased by the minute. Nothing calmed him. During one of my calming manoeuvres he grabbed my little finger and bit me!

Natural Teething RemediesHaving found the reason for his crankiness I sought my mother-in-law’s advice.

She was a strong advocator of natural home made remedies! Within moments she appeared with a piece of rusk wrapped in a clean soft cloth and put it into my son’s mouth.

Though it did take some time for him to like it, his crying stopped the moment he bit onto it!

As a mother you are happy that your baby is teething! Some babies are lucky to have painless teething while others just have to put up with it.

Easing the baby’s pain may seem foremost in a mother’s mind when he/she starts to cry.

Being a mother I can very well empathise with the moms and their babies as this may seem to be the most stressful period. Thanks to the internet one can always turn to those voluminous pages for tips and remedies anytime.

Given below are some of my simple natural remedies that were fairly successful with my children.

Simple natural teething remedies

  • The first and foremost thing to do is to try and distract the irritated child with a toy or point out something that would divert her attention. Sometimes this is all the baby needs as they may not always be in pain but just uncomfortable.
  • If the crying persists and it is clear that the baby is in pain, the next best alternative is to put a clean wet washcloth into her mouth. The baby gets relief by biting down on it. It soothes their gums while the wet cloth gives them something to suck and chew on.
  • You can also try giving the baby some frozen bananas or celery wrapped in a net. The cold numbs the baby’s gums while the sweetness of the bananas keeps the baby happy.
  • My mom-in-law’s time tested formula – wrap a piece of rusk in a soft cloth and give it to the baby. Make sure you secure the loose ends with a rubber band before you give it to your child. The child chews, sucks on it giving the mothers ample time to complete their chores.
  • Massage the upper and lower gums of your child softly. It’s best if you dab a bit of honey on your finger and use it to massage her gums. The baby enjoys the sweet taste and the massage eases her discomfort providing her relief from the teething pain.
  • The age old formula of breast feeding the child is the best when left with no other alternative. Nothing calms an irritated baby than a mom’s feed.

Teething is not going to last forever – but while it does, it is best to deal with it using natural teething remedies found at home. The knowledge that your kitchen is the best place for natural teething remedies is really humbling. Isn’t it?


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