Natural Remedies To Treat Baby Diaper Rash

Baby diaper rash is a common problem faced by all new moms. Once you deliver your baby, you love him. You even love your baby more when you touch his perfect, soft skin. You give him the best of care and you protect his skin from any contact to insects and irritations.

baby diaper rashThe moment you wear him a diaper, you panic because you can see redness and irritation. You also would think that it is abnormal. Others think it represents neglected parenting.

In most cases, baby diaper rash is unavoidable and is just as normal as bedwetting of babies. In fact, study shows that diaper rash occurs in 40% of children aged 1-3 years.

Baby diaper rash is an irritation of baby skin in the region covered by diaper. It involves from mild redness up to erosions on the surfaces of the skin. It gives distress to babies since it is painful and disturbs sleep.

A baby diaper rash causes distress to both babies and parents. It is best to detect the rash in its early stage, but when it is already present on the skin of your baby, you may want to focus on its treatment. There are simple, natural remedies on how to treat a baby diaper rash at home:

  • When a diaper rash is already present, it creates discomfort to your baby. You may need to use warm water in washing the skin of your baby. Cold water gives more discomfort and adds more irritation.
  • Applying coconut oil to the affected area of the skin is quite remarkable. Coconut oil lubricates and thus minimizes friction that causes redness. It also has an anti-bacterial component that prevents infection. Skin covered by coconut oil gives a protective layer that prevents further injury.
  • Breast milk is still best for babies. It still is best when it comes to protection not only when ingested but is as useful when applied externally. It is a miracle discovery. It is known to have beneficial effects for babies up to 2 years of age. Now, it can be applied to baby skin especially to the affected part. It prevents any bacterial infections.
  • When washing the skin of your baby, use gentle soap and avoid wipes or solutions that contain chemicals. It would cause further redness and irritation.
  • When your baby gets baby diaper rash, it is better to expose it in the air. Keeping the skin dry is the best way to treat rash and prevents further irritation.
  • Always check the diapers when it had enough of water to absorb. From time to time, you need to change the diapers. Diapers absorb urine but it holds certain capacity.

It is always safe to use natural remedies for skin irritations. It has no side effects and is affordable. When the newborn diaper rash worsens after you have done simple steps of treatment, you may consult your paediatrician. Some irritations have bacterial infections that need medical attention. If the baby diaper rash does last after one treatment, there is nothing to worry about.


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