What New Parents Need to Know About Nappy Changing

Parenthood has both ups and downs and maybe one of the most unpleasant parts of being a parent is nappy changing. No matter how uncomfortable this may be for you, keep in mind that it is important for the baby to always be in clean and comfortable surroundings.

Nappy Changing

How often to change the diaper

It is important to change the nappy regularly. This is because the bacteria from the feces and the urine can cause sore skin and a diaper rash. It is best to change the baby before or after eating (except for the nighttime) and when the baby did a poo.

It is important to know regarding the diaper changes that the babies poo several times per day during the early stages and they pee every 1-3 hours. Usually the wetness doesn’t bother the babies, so most probably there will be no crying when the baby needs to be changed.

The good news regarding nappy changing is that the diapers, especially the disposable ones, absorb wetness very well. Nonetheless you should never wait for the diaper to be saturated. You could check the diaper from time to time.

What kind of nappies to choose

There are a lot of parents arguing about changing the diapers. They all want to know whether the cloth or the disposable nappies are better. Some people say that the cloth nappies are better because they are less expensive and they cause less nappy rashes.

In the same time, when thinking about nappy changing you should know that the disposable nappies have a plastic lining that doesn’t decompose, while the cloth diapers can be recycled. However, the constant washing of the cloth nappies has also an impact on the environment.

Usually parents think about diaper changing even before the baby is born, but it is possible that later they will change their minds. This is why it isn’t such a good idea to invest in expensive nappies. You also have to think about the practical aspects, such as having a washing machine and a tumble drier.

When it comes to the nappy changing you also have to consider whether you can regularly buy the nappies and whether you have a place to store them. It may be a good idea to talk to other parents to see what choice they made.

What do you need for nappy change?

Before you start to change the baby, you need to have at hand some things. These include a safe area that has a washable and hygienic surface, a new nappy, something to dispose the dirty nappy in, cotton balls or a nappy wipe, some cream in case of a rash, a change of clothing and some diversion for the baby.

How to do the nappy changing

Although at the beginning the entire idea could seem a little scary, once you get the hang of it, it will become a natural activity. The good news is that you will have a lot of opportunities to practice.


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