Kid Sleep – Some Tips And Ideas To Help Your Child To Get A Restful Night’s Sleep!

Kid SleepYou will have to be firm and make your own decisions about what type of kid sleep routine and schedule you are going to have.

There are some experts who will tell some ideas for restful kid sleep.

The first one is you should never let your baby cry as he is trying to fall asleep and the next is you should never give into your crying baby once you have put him to bed.

Before going to do something with your baby who won’t sleep, you should think for a minute about, where is that baby sleeping. Some parents insist that your kid sleep in his own crib in his own room [Safe Baby Cribs]. Some other parents want their baby in their bedroom.

There are advantages to both. If your kid sleeps in his room then there is a chance to get more rest for yourself, because you won’t be disturbed by the snufflings and other sleeping noises that newborn babies make.

If your kid sleep along with you in the same room, you might find it less troubling and easy to be able attend to your baby’s needs right there.

Most of the new babies won’t sleep through the night until they have at least doubled their weight. This generally happens when your baby is between four and five months old.

Amount of kid sleep needed per day from the birth to one year:


Total hours of sleep needed per day

1-15 days


3 weeks


6 weeks


4-6 months


9 months


1 year


Once you have decided how you are going to handle where your baby sleeps, you have to make a sleep routine.

Kid sleep routine can be a soothing and comforting part of your baby’s nighttime ritual. It is a better way for you to include into the daily routine without it becoming a battle on mind over baby.

As your baby grows she will recognize that bedtime comes after bath time and may settle down if she is comforted by the bedtime routine. You can establish the bedtime routine in many ways.

Some tips and ideas in establishing kid sleep routine:

  • Before the bedtime follow the regular rituals like, bath, some cuddle time, a song or story, a feeding, more cuddling and then bed.
  • Before putting your kid to sleep sing a soothing lullaby.
  • Do the things in the same order, with the same people involved, at that same time each night. Hence your baby will recognize this pattern as a pre-sleep routine.
  • Make sure that the lighting in your child’s bedroom is as low as possible. With this regular pattern your baby will recognize that when it’s dark, it’s time to sleep.
  • Make sure that whatever routine you set up for kid sleeps that there is finality to it at the end.

Cuddle your baby, lay down with him, or sing to him one more time after you have put him to bed. Singing a lullaby at some point during baby’s nighttime routine will settle him down and prepare him of the stillness of sleep.


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