5 Things to Keep in Mind while Massaging Your Newborn

Newborns are the most sensitive human beings, and to protect them from the consequential vulnerability, the parents should undertake all necessary measures to strengthen their bodily foundations. How? One of the best ways to do it is through massaging, and you cannot ‘not’ massage your infant—it is absolutely important!

Massaging has multiple advantages which cause your infant to grow healthily and quickly. If you massage your baby the right way then it will be greatly beneficial to its development such as boosting immunity, building brain, stimulating necessary hormones and allowing rhythmic breathing. Thus, you have to acquaint yourself with various important aspects of massaging.

5 things to keep in mind while massaging your newborn

Here in this article, we shall discuss five things to keep in mind while massaging your newborn:

  1. The perfect massage oil

The first and foremost thing to do is to search for the perfect massage oil for your baby. You should look out for certain major characteristics in the oil which must include anti-allergic elements and compatibility with the baby’s skin.

There are many brands available in the market such as Pigeon, Himalaya, Johson& Johnson and Chicco, but before buying any of them, do consult a doctor.

Natural remedies are available for massaging, and these remedies are recommended because they are devoid of any chemical processing. In summers, you can massage with the help of coconut oil, olive oil, and sesame oil; in winters, you can opt for mustard oil.

  1. The right to massage

There is a proper time to massage your baby, and it is definitely not immediately after or before a meal, or when your infant requires a nap. If you have just fed your infant, wait for minimum half an hour before massaging. The best time to massage is after a bath because the baby feels refreshed and responds to themassage more positively.

  1. An ideal atmosphere for massage

A cardinal requirement is to ensure that the baby feels comfortable during the massage, and therefore, you have got to do some things to ensure that such as keeping the room temperature moderately warm, playing melodious but soft music or you can just talk with your infant, etc. Before massaging, place a towel or a thick cloth on your lap, put the infant on your lap, and then start massaging.

  1. The techniques

Yes, the techniques are what matter the most. If you fail at techniques, you fail at massaging. There are many different techniques of baby massage, which you must learn. You can take assistance from a nanny, another mother, books or the Internet. If you do not take care of this point and massage the infant, you may cause wrong effects.

  1. Be regular

If you wish to produce maximum positive results from the baby massage, then you better do it regularly. Remember this that a massage is extremely necessary for the baby’s body—it provides strength to its bones and develops the brain, and if you give it a miss or do it irregularly, then you are not doing any good to your child.


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